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    One of the things building companies need to keep in mind when constructing a building is figuring out how to ensure the elements do not affect the people inside. The most common way of ensuring this is by using a curtain wall.

    Curtain walls are systems put in place to ensure that the outside sun, wind, and sometimes noise does not get to the occupants of a building. For this reason, a curtain wall system is vital to whoever is constructing a new building.


    When constructing a curtain wall, one thing builders need to ensure is it does not interfere with the general structure of the building. For this reason, most people turn to the products from Weiye Aluminum to ensure that they get the structure right. 

    Curtain walls made from our aluminum profiles can be fitted into different designs, making them effective when working with different buildings. Reach out to us if you have any questions about custom curtain walls. 


    FAQs Related to Weiye Curtain Walls

    What are the basics for creating a curtain wall?

    Your curtain wall must follow these five design considerations wherever you install them. They will go a long way to ensure that they fit with the current design elements: here are some of the design considerations you should put in mind when creating a curtain wall:

    Structural integrity. One of the things you need to ensure when it comes to construction is that your curtain wall can withstand the wind load. You also need to consider the live load, dead load, and seismic lift, as those will all affect the structural integrity of the curtain wall.

    Provision for movement. One of the things you need to remember to do when it comes to the curtain wall is to give enough room for expansion and contraction. You also need to consider movement caused by wind load and gravity. The movement should be accommodative to the limit of the glass, framing, and anchors.

    Weather tightness. Your curtain walls should be able to withstand the elements penetrating them. Be keen when protecting it from wind and water.

    Sound control. Your curtain wall should have some element of soundproofing. How soundproof it is will be determined by the overall insulation methods used. Find out what the requirements are when it comes to soundproofing in your area to help you make the right decision with soundproofing.

    Energy efficiency. Your curtain all needs to meet the thermal transmittance based on the location you are in. Ensure you meet them at all times, as the integrity of your building depends on it.



    Which areas can I install a curtain wall in?

    Curtain walls can be installed on the edges of floor slabs to act as a curtain and keep the elements out of the building. Curtain walls help preserve the integrity of a building and ensure it lasts for a long without needing extensive repairs done.