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    At Weiye Aluminium, we have the best aluminum frame doors and windows. Our factory produces high-quality aluminum windows and doors that look amazing and are sturdy as well for houses and buildings.


    The good thing about our aluminum door frames and aluminum frame windows is we can make them according to different requirements. If your company is ready to buy aluminum doors and windows in bulk, contact us at Weiye Aluminium. We have a team of professionals who will feel free to answer your questions and provide you with the best prices. 


    FAQs to Weiye Aluminum Doors and Windows

    Are aluminum doors and windows durable?

    Yes. Aluminum doors and windows are durable. They are made from corrosion-proof material that will last you longer than any other metal in the time market. They also work well against the elements, so you do not have to worry about them getting affected by heat or moisture.


    How to get the right measurement for the doors or windows?

    Measurements will be taken by width and height. You can choose to measure it in millimeters, meters, or feet, depending on the location you are in. Always ensure you measure out all your windows to get the right measurements. 


    Are aluminum doors and windows energy efficient?

    Yes, aluminum doors and windows are energy efficient. The materials ensure that the room stays cool or warm based on your AC settings. It is for this reason that many clients go for it. All you need to ensure you do is have it installed the right way.


    Are aluminum door/window frames environmentally friendly?

    Yes, aluminum door/window frames are environmentally friendly. If you want to use old aluminum, it can be easily recycled. All you need to remember is to get a company that can help recycle and reuse them. Most people go for these frames because they can be recycled and used several times.