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  • Aluminum Curtain Wall Profiles

    Aluminum Curtain Wall Profiles are used in various outdoor environments such as landscaping, playgrounds, sporting fields, and other outdoor spaces. Additionally, they are used in residential applications with limited space for installing industrial posts.

    Weiye Aluminum is a professional aluminum profiles manufacturer which provides aluminum profile curtain walls, aluminum profiles, and all kinds of building products. 

    Aluminum frame curtain wall system: Aluminum frame curtain wall profile system can be used for building curtain walls, guard rails, fences, and other structures. Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for utility applications. The aluminum frame curtain wall profile system can be fabricated from aluminum extrusion or rolled stock. 

    The materials, such as aluminum profiles and glass, integrated into the curtain wall system are air and water-resistant for a durable and long-lasting solution.