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Why Powder Coating Is the Best Finish For Your Aluminum Windows And Doors

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Right now, there are a handful of surface finishing options making it hard to choose the best one. For instance, powder coating is one of the best finishes for aluminum surfaces and with good reason!

It provides a decorative and protective coating to different materials and it is quite the easy process and fortunately it takes a short while to complete.


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So, what is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating involves a fine powder that is very dry and it is applied to an aluminum surface. Typically, this type of finish has plastic polymers like acrylic and epoxy. These are mixed with extra curing agents, which helps the coating appear evenly on the aluminum surface.

Most people prefer powder coating as it produces a final product that is resistant to corrosion. Besides, there are many colors to pick from as well.

With that in mind herein is a comprehensive list of more benefits of powder coating your aluminum windows and doors:


Numerous Design Options

For the homeowners who are choosy about the color of their windows and doors, then you will love the wide range of color and design options. This coating can be applied to aluminum windows and doors to give a beautiful and excellent finish.

If you have a stylish aluminum sliding door and want to boost its appearance then you can use powder coating technique to apply a different coating, design and even texture as well. You can get different color options and finish styles including matt and satin. This offers you flexibility when choosing a custom finish.


Improved Resilience

Your doors and windows have to be as resilient and durable as possible because they are expected to serve you for a long time.

For example, strong winds and rain water can impact the resilience of aluminum windows and doors. That said, powder coating is the perfect solution. After powder coating your aluminum windows and doors, they are placed in a curing oven that generates chemical bonds that will result in a resilient and smooth coating.

After this, the doors and windows will become corrosion, UC radiation, flaking, scratching and chipping resistant.

Moreover, powder coating offers a thicker protection layer than paint; about 2-10 millimeters, while typical paint is about 0.5-1 mil.


Resistance to Corrosion

Aluminum is well known to be susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, minus a reliable protective coating then you will find brown patches of discolored sections on your aluminum windows and doors because of humidity and moisture.

However, with powder coating, this does not have to be a problem. After powder coating your materials, they become corrosion resistant, which improves longevity. Lastly this is a porosity free coating technique.


Eco Friendly

Powder coating is not only an affordable finishing technique but an ecofriendly one as well. This earns it more points than other coating techniques and it also does not require solvents utilization.

First, it produces close to no volatile organic compounds), to the air. VOCs are dangerous pollutants that could affect the ozone layer and could as well cause irritation to the throat, eye and nose. Some people could suffer from shortness of breath, skin issues, nausea, dizziness and even fatigue.

Additionally, aluminum windows and doors are easily recyclable.