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In the case of fire, with product quality assurance of fire doors and Windows, is to prevent the spread of fire, for life for more time to protect.

At present, the market order of fire protection products is still chaotic. A large number of inferior fire protection products flow into construction projects and fire protection systems, seriously endangering the safety of life and property. How to standardize fire Windows?

On the other hand, with the continued rapid development of the real estate market, the market demand for fire doors, fire Windows and electronic fire locks in storm rooms is changing. Not only is the home decoration market or the engineering market, are in urgent need of relevant standards, norms and promote the development of the industry, to safeguard the interests of enterprises and consumers.

Group Standards are Both Constraints and Stimulants

In this background and trend, recently, by the Chinese Consumer Goods quality and safety promotion Association, emergency management department fire products Qualification Assessment center, Guangdong Province door industry Association hosted the national "fireproof door", "fireproof window", "electronic fireproof door lock" group standard working conference was held in Foshan, Guangdong province. Weiye aluminum participates in this meeting as one of the participating units of fireproof Windows.


Around the national emergency fire doors and Windows, fire lock quality improvement and innovation research and development, a group of participating units, representatives of the media to carry out detailed communication and discussion of related technologies, promote the development of group standards to improve the quality of fire doors and Windows, lock safety and performance.


At the working meeting, Liu Hao, deputy secretary-general of The Fire Lock Industry Alliance of China Consumer Product Quality and Safety Promotion Association, made a specific explanation about the compilation of the standards:

1. "electronic fireproof door's lock" group standards mainly from the quick escape function, heating alarm function, smoke toxicity, fire performance improvement, in line with the smart home and other major aspects to make up the standard.

2. "refuge room fireproof door" group standards mainly from the smoke performance, fire resistance, smoke toxicity, water impact resistance, fire linkage and other main indicators to make up the standard.

3. "refuge room fireproof window" group standards will be from the smoke performance, fire resistance, smoke toxicity, heat insulation performance, durability and other main indicators to develop standards.

1. Can Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows Meet Fire Protection Requirements?

When the fire occurred, the ambient temperature of the outer window reached about 1000 degrees, and the ordinary aluminum alloy material could not meet the fire integrity of 0.5 hours to 1 hours without the technical treatment of fire prevention system.

Therefore, aluminum alloy fireproof Windows must be strictly fireproof to prevent the spread of open fire, to achieve fire prevention effect.

Great system doors and Windows-76FH fire-resistant window, the use of three cavity broken bridge design, profile cavity insert stable performance of expansion fire tape, expansion in the fire to form a protective layer, coupled with the application of fire insulating glass, block the open fire, delay heat transfer to the fire surface aluminum alloy melting time, protect the integrity of the back fire surface wall.


2. Why Choose Thermal Break Aluminum Alloy for Heat Insulation Fireproof Window?

Aluminum alloy is a metal material with strong thermal conductivity. In the event of a fire, the aluminum alloy of the non-thermal break becomes a thermal "bridge". The thermal break aluminum is broken from the middle of the aluminum alloy, which is better to block the heat conduction.

The 76FH fire-resistant window adopts the three-cavity broken bridge design, filled with fire expansion tape to strengthen the fire performance, and the fire-resistant integrity of the whole window is 21.0 hours.


3. What is the Fireproof Characteristic of Aluminium Alloy Door and Window?

Fire resistant 1 hour fire window is in as long as 1 hour of combustion, aluminum alloy will not deformation, fracture, melting, glass did not appear blasting and other phenomena.


4. What Material Does Base Material of Fireproof Heat Insulation Window Choose?

The base material should be selected as EPDM material, combined with refractory material, should maintain effective support after fire.


The safety of doors and Windows is related to the safety of life.

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