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Types of Aluminum Window Profiles

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Windows serve an essential role in your home, which makes it vital that you use the best material for your frames. There are several materials on ofer, including wood, UPVC, and fiberglass, but aluminum remains the best for several reasons.

First, it is abundant naturally and easily recyclable, so it is sustainable. It is also low-cost compared to steel and fiberglass and requires little maintenance compared to materials like wood. Aluminum also comes with properties such as being corrosion-resistant, U.V resistant, highly durable, and anti-bacterial. On top of that, aluminum profiles come with different designs applicable to varying preferences and house styles. These include:

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Casement windows

Aluminum casement windows are either top-hung or side-hung. The top-hung casement windows open upwards, while side-hung windows open from left to right. Their advantage is that they offer perfect control over the weather, especially wind and rain. You can open them to the exact angle depending on whether you want ventilation or protection from wind or rain.

They serve well in different rooms, including the home office, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. They also provide one of the best security as the locks are embedded in the frame.

Sliding windows

As the name implies, these doors move from side to side on a sliding track. They are easy to operate as it is simply moving them from one end to the other, and because they use few working parts, they are easy to maintain. One of the biggest advantages is that they allow for the biggest window opening. 

This feature makes them great for facilitating higher airflow in rooms and also fit style-wise for connecting outdoor and indoor living areas.

The other significant advantage is that they do not open outwards and do not protrude beyond the frame, making them perfect for areas with high traffic or little space. You can further improve their functionality by glazing to ensure they are energy efficient.

Fixed pane windows

As the name suggests, these windows do not open in any manner. They, however, function to provide a view or allow light to come through in areas that would otherwise be dark, which makes them known as picture windows. Beyond that, they also serve an aesthetic purpose, especially in locations with a view or natural surroundings.

They are perfect as indoor dividers in rooms bringing extensive lighting in wide rooms. It is a perfect option for combining with other windows, especially in the porch area or rooms close to a swimming pool. 

Bi-fold windows

Bi-fold windows consist of several hinged panels that fold into each other and can be moved on the side, opening up the space. They allow for a simple and smooth operation, but their biggest advantage is the unobstructed view they provide when open. They serve to connect the outdoors and indoor spaces, though you can use them to connect indoor spaces too. The absence of beams, frames and panels creates a connection in the room. The windows are effortless to open and close, requiring maintenance.

They bring an artistic touch to the space. Awning windows have their name due to their design, which forms a canopy or shade over the opening they create. Unlike designs they open upward with hinges positioned at the top. Their stylish appearance offers advantages such as sizing that makes them suitable for dimensions.

Awning windows offer benefits, including enhanced ventilation and lighting. During rainfall they allow air circulation while keeping out the raindrops. Moreover they are a choice for those, on a budget. Other advantages include improved security measures, energy efficiency and design versatility. Tilt and turn window profiles are another option considering. 


Tilt and turn windows profiles are another popular option loved for their versatile and practical features. You can open the window in two ways; first, you can open them similarly to a casement window, or you can tilt the window at the lower end with the upper part angling inside the house. The latter option allows the room to stay ventilated but with added security.

Other benefits include an unobstructed view, better air sealing and insulation, easy use and maintenance, and it is ideal for small spaces.

The type of aluminum window profile you use comes down to your property type and concerns over issues like energy efficiency and safety. Whatever choice you make, you can rest assured that the aluminum material will provide the best support and style for your house.

You need the right grade of aluminum, so finding a quality supplier should be your first step. We can also help you make choices based on budget and style.