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Global Aluminum Curtain Wall Market Size and Forecast

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The global market is often stable and can withstand most disturbances without much alteration. However, in the recent past, numerous factors have influenced this global market, as well as the supply chain used to transport countless commodities.

The last couple of years have particularly been disruptive to the aluminum curtain wall sector. Instability in some regions of Europe and a worldwide shutdown are some of the most significant disruptors. What impact have these factors had on the global aluminum curtain wall market size, and what is the forecast of this precious commodity? Read on to learn the future projections of this lucrative area.


Aluminum curtain wall viability


Bore looking at the market share and future projections for this commodity, it’s important to first analyze it’s key features and benefits. For starters, curtain wall is a term used to refer  to a thin type of aluminum-framed wall. This can then be filled with various materials, depending on consumer preference and specific needs. The materials can range from thin stones, metal panels, or glass.­

Despite the general challenges mentioned above, the global aluminum curtain wall has had a relatively upward trajectory in the market. Several factors have played a role in this upward surge in the usage of aluminum curtain walls.

Governmental influence is perhaps the most significant factor. Governments all around the globe have been advocating for the use of this material in the construction and general building sectors. Aluminum curtain wall boasts a host of advantages, hence the backing from most regional governments.

Moreover, recycling the aluminum used in this process is relatively easy. Ideally, you need about 5% of the energy used to produce the primary metal. This makes the commodity one of the most enviromenatlly-firendly materials in construction.  Aluminum curtain wall is also very efficient in heat transfer, meaning in can be used in numerous applications.



Current aluminum curtain wall market


The construction industry has been growing at a tremendous rate. This has been the case over the last several decades. Builders all over are on the search for efficient and cost-friendly building materials. The aluminum curtain wall is a clear winner for its superior design and efficiency.

The demand for aluminum curtain wall has been gradually rising as more people learn of its wonders. Even by the most modest of estimates, this material is expected to grow by around 40% in the next couple of decades.

The Asian Pacific region, in particular is going through an infrastructure boost. India, for example, is expected to experience tremendous growth in the construction sector. Additionally, many regions in this have also invested heavily in real estate and related constructions. These factors point to the dominance of aluminum curtain wall building material.

The versatility in aluminum curtain wall is another reason it is set to take over the construction market segment. When looking at application, the building material can be customized for residential or commercial use. This can be further segmented into unitized, semi-unitized, and stick-build, depending on whether it will be applied for external or interior uses.


Future projections for the aluminum curtain wall market


Currently, there’s already a wide demand for aluminum curtain wall material. However, the current demand fades in comparison when looking at the projected forecast. The commercial segment of this building material is expected to grow by at least 49% by 2028. The residential market will also grow by around 36% by the same period.

At the moment, there are only a handful of aluminum curtain wall market. Weiye Aluminium is one of the leading and most trusted produces of aluminum curtain wall material. Given the expected rise in demand, more players will likely join the market. Weiye- Aluminum has been a trusted manufacture of this building material since early 1992.

Numerous factors are poised to positively influence this market. Technological advancements will undoubtedly help in the development of new and more efficient by-materials. The popularity or transparent building material is another key factor that will further help popularize aluminum curtain wall materials.

New and interesting avenues reacted to building aluminum curtain walls will also help create multipurpose materials. Exciting features will be added to further diversify the use of this building element.

The future of aluminum curtain walls is a bright one. The building material is poised to take over the building and constructing industries by the storm. You too can enjoy this wonderful material by ordering from a reliable and trusted source.