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For the fresh air system, we are familiar with the central fresh air system and the wall type fresh air system. In fact, the window fresh air system is also a very popular new air system. Window  fresh air system not only does not take up space, and installation and maintenance is also very convenient. There may be many people don't know about the window air system, so what are the advantages of installing fresh air system in the window? 


The fresh air system is a new type of indoor ventilation and exhaust equipment, which belongs to the open circulation system, so that people can also breathe fresh, clean and high-quality air in the room.

1. You don't need to open a window to enjoy the fresh air in nature.

2. Avoid air conditioning sickness.

3. Avoid mildew on indoor furniture and clothes.

4. Remove the long-term slow release of harmful gases after interior decoration, conducive to human health.

5. Adjust the indoor humidity to save heating costs.

6. Effectively eliminate all kinds of indoor bacteria, viruses.

7. Super mute.


What are the advantages of fresh air system installed on the window.

1. When the central fresh air system is limited before decoration, and the high installation and construction cost, the wall-mounted fresh air system is not limited before and after decoration, but it still needs to face the destructive construction works of drilling, drilling and laying pipelines.This has put off a large number of potential users. And the emergence of window type fresh air, a good solution to this market pain point.


2. Good air purification effect Window type fresh air, as a fresh air system installed on the window, can not only send outdoor fresh air into the room, but also achieve the effect of air purification through the filter. It can be said that it is a good combination of the advantages of fresh air system and air purifier, so it is also a window type fresh air purifier. Its working principle is to use the weak positive pressure formed in the room, the indoor polluted air from the door or window slot naturally out of the outdoor. In the installation process, the window type fresh air purifier avoids the destructive installation of the central fresh air system and the wall-mounted fresh air system. The user can install it by himself without secondary damage and only need to fix the window frame, which is simple and easy to operate.


Health comes from clean air, can more effectively care for "children, pregnant women, the elderly and sub-health" and other vulnerable or immune system low people, keep you and your family away from bacteria and viruses. Special envoy is used in schools, hospitals and other public places where people need ventilation.