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Tips for Selecting A Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

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Considering the multiple uses of aluminum extrusions, the market has a wide range of manufacturers offering these products, standard and custom. That is why you need to do some research about an aluminum extrusion manufacturer before considering their products. That way, you are able to make a more informed purchasing decision. Here are tips to help in selecting a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer.


Check a Company's Reputation

You want to buy aluminum extrusions from a manufacturer with a good reputation. That means a company that has customer satisfaction at the core of its business. Such an entity has earned a good name among customers for offering top notch products and services; even better if it is an industry leader.

If you need aluminum extrusions for whichever project, ask around from other people in the business or seek referrals. Also make sure you do your own research to learn more about a manufacturer’s reputation. Online reviews can also help. A reputable manufacturer should also have industry certifications as they enhance their brand credibility.


Extrusion Quality Matters

High quality is a vital factor when buying products, aluminum extrusions included. Take time to learn more about the quality of extrusions a manufacturer provides. You are going to use these extrusions to make different structures, simple and sophisticated and safety is essential.

Therefore, take time to check the quality of aluminum extrusions a company offers before purchase.


Keep in Mind Experience and Expertise

As you search for a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer, remember to check their experience and expertise. You want to order from a company that has been in business for some time, uses up to date technology and equipment, and has workers with the required technical skills to make the customized extrusions you need.

Check the manufacturer’s website to identify what products are available. If you find one that specializes in custom aluminum extrusions, take a deeper look at its products to establish if is capable of making what you need.


Turnaround Times

How fast does a manufacturer avail custom aluminum extrusion after a customer places an order? A company that has a large facility with the needed number of employees and necessary equipment has the capability to have quick turnaround times for aluminum extrusion orders.

You do not want to wait for too long before getting the extrusions you need. This is vital especially when working on time sensitive projects.


What of Product Variety

Product variety also matters when selecting a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer. You want to settle for an establishment that has the room to make the exact extrusion you need for the job.


With a wider product variety range, you are more certain of getting the customized aluminum extrusion you need. It might even be available already. Product variety also means a manufacturer has enhanced experience in making different kinds of customized aluminum extrusions.


Remember to Compare Cost with Quality in Mind

No matter the aluminum extrusion project, everyone wants to cut costs in the end. However, that should not get in the way of quality. It is possible to get more cost-friendly custom aluminum extrusions on the market that are also high-grade so you don’t compromise on quality.

Take time to compare price quotations from different manufacturers and find one that offers custom aluminum extrusions that are high quality but also fit your budget.


How Is the Customer Support 

A manufacturer can have the experience and expertise, offer high quality aluminum extrusions, and have product variety but without top-notch customer support, the purchasing process is not complete. Nobody wants to order custom aluminum extrusions from a company with poor, unresponsive customer support. You want to order extrusions from a manufacturer with high quality customer service, which means quick response to customer queries and being available 24/7.

The customer support team should also be knowledgeable about aluminum extrusions to provide clients the assistance they need. Moreover, the team should be reachable through different avenues such as phone, email and even social media. 

Selecting a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer should not be strenuous. With the above factors in mind, you should have an easier time finding the right manufacturer for your needs.


Check a company’s reputation, the quality of its custom aluminum extrusions, employee expertise, turnaround times, the cost of extrusions, not forgetting its customer support system. You want to spend money on high quality extrusions that are also cost friendly and purchase from a manufacturer that values customer satisfaction.