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Tips for Selecting A Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

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Are you searching for high-quality custom or complex aluminum parts to suit your business? Then, an extrusion manufacturer is what you need. An expert team of engineers will save your time and money with their skills.

Extrusion shapes heated aluminum alloys into profiles that fit your preferences. In this process, manufacturers force the malleable aluminum through a die to create any shape you want. The flexibility of the process makes things better for companies that wish for personalized aluminum extrusions.

Before selecting an extrusion manufacturer, it helps to check if they are reliable. So how do you do that? Here is a detailed checklist on what to look for in your manufacturing company.

Industry Experience


Every business starts at square one. Yet, it would not be advisable to partner with a manufacturer with little to no industry experience. It takes time to perfect skills, understand customer satisfaction, fulfill client requirements, and develop a design process.

Experience helps extrusion manufacturers know which aluminum alloy is ideal. Some of the widely-used alloys are 7000, 6000, and 1000. Aluminum-6000 is primarily used in extrusion because it responds well to anodization. The 7000-alloy series has weaker non-corrosive properties, while the 1000-alloy series can’t be heat-treated.

After your manufacturer selects an alloy, they pick an extrusion process. An experienced team will know what design process is best for your extrusion. They should understand them all, whether backward, forward or hydrostatic extrusion.

As you have read, aluminum extrusion is not an easy and fast procedure. Hence, the manufacturers should know what they are doing to get the best end product.

Your Extrusion Preferences


Every business has different extrusion needs. Therefore, a great aluminum extrusion manufacturer should first meet with your representatives to understand your requirements. They should afterward design a profile with your exact custom dimensions and shape.

Aluminum extrusion engineers can shape the alloy into anything; windows and doors, car parts, home decorations, construction equipment, and other metalwork designs. Also, extrusions can be of any size, so manufacturers should have the expertise to adapt to any project.


Recommendations and Reviews


There are so many extrusion providers online, and one way to shortlist potentials is by checking/asking for their reviews. A trustworthy manufacturing company should have a list of recent references. Otherwise, it could be a red flag. Manufacturers should make it easier and provide a list or site before you ask.

84% of customers are willing to hire services based on online reviews and recommendations. So, if the company's site has reviews and a testimonial page, check it out. Are past clients praising the team’s proficiency and competence? Or are they raging with complaints about poor customer care and unskillfulness?

You will also get more information by searching the aluminum extrusion provider on Google.

After seeing the manufacturer’s reviews, view their gallery or ask for pictures of their previous projects. You can make a critical decision if a manufacturer has a gallery and review page.



An experienced extrusion provider will keep up with the latest trends and technology in the industry and apply them. This means that they know the perfect CAD/CAM design software for your customized profile on top of investing in innovative tech and machinery.

To check if the company is up-to-date, ask what equipment they are using and if they are seeking to make upgrades as the industry grows. Furthermore, it is beneficial to inquire how often they perform maintenance routines. These are details that any reliable manufacturer can answer confidently.

Insurance & Licensing


A licensed company meets the state’s criteria regarding extrusion manufacture. It also means that the company and the client have protection in case of negligence from either side.

Insurance guarantees that the manufacturing company can cover costs and prevent financial loss whenever an injury or accident occurs. A licensed, bonded/insured manufacturer can offer services without going bankrupt even when unforeseen accidents happen.

Material Expertise


Some companies specializing in aluminum extrusions also deal with other metals and materials. It is better to go for an extrusion manufacturer that is well-versed in designing standard and custom extrusions.

Material expertise also means that the engineers can use appropriate finishing to meet your specifications. In addition, they should know how to cure and bake all aluminum alloys in case pollutants are released when applying the finish.

If an aluminum extrusion manufacturer lacks material expertise, they will not know the necessary steps and design methods.



Since your business needs might change in the future, creating a professional rapport with a versatile manufacturer is essential. Your manufacturer should have access to every variety of aluminum raw materials. Whether it is rods, tubes, films, or rolls, they should have it all.

It is an added advantage if the manufacturing company is also skilled in other services and materials. However, the flexibility of the extrusion provider should not affect their expertise in aluminum profiles.  

Quality Assurance Testing


After fabricating the end product, the engineers should perform quality assurance tests to determine the quality of the extrusion. The material inspection process should include:

· A confirmation that the manufacturer used the suitable aluminum alloy

· A guarantee that they used the proper finishing, additives, stabilizer, color, and filler

· Visual appeal in terms of design, shape, and other specifications

· Accurate weight, dimensions, and size

· High standards regarding durability, metal strength, non-corrosive properties, and resistance

Customer Satisfaction


Lastly, do not forget to investigate the manufacturer's customer service and satisfaction guarantee. By now, you should have a short list of reliable manufacturers. Testing their customer services is a sure way to make that list even more concise.

Learning how an extrusion manufacturer strives to achieve customer satisfaction will guide you in the right direction.



Choosing an aluminum extrusion manufacturer is vital as it dictates how satisfied or disappointed you will be after partnering up. Also, it determines if your investment will be worthwhile or a loss.

Fortunately, the checklist above will help you detect red flags and avoid inexperienced, incompetent, and uninsured manufacturers. Always do your research, ensure you meet up with potential teams, and work within your budget.