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How to Paint Aluminum Window Frames

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Generally, painting is an interesting and effective activity. It transforms your aluminum window and door frames, offering them a new and great look as they've just been delivered from the manufacturer.

When done right, your window frames will not only look good, but you will also be extending their lifespan. The vital part is to get the frames ready for the paint and also to choose the right paint.

Tip: Do not apply the same paint you would on a wall since it will not do your windows justice and won’t last that long. And now here is a low down on how to get the aluminum frames painted.

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How to Paint Aluminum Window Frames

Painting your aluminum window frames doesn't have to be tedious or stressful. So here is the stuff you will need to get the job done.

Masking tape

Acrylic latex paint



Fine grit sandpaper


Drop cloth

TSP cleaner

Clean rags

First Step: Cleaning & Preparation

Proper preparation is the key to productive painting sessions, even when it comes to aluminum window frames.

Start by detaching hardware like door knobs, hinges, and screws from the door or window frame. You can also detach the frame from the window, allowing you to work on it away from your home. This will also help you focus better on your work.

Nonetheless, if you can’t detach it, open your window and put the drop cloth or other shielding underneath it. Once you protect or remove the window frame, use a wire brush or sandpaper to take out any faking corrosion or paint. Make sure you wear a dust mask and gloves to avoid breathing in the dust and debris produced while sanding out the old painting.

When you remove the paint, wipe the aluminum window frame using a wet cloth to clear out any remaining dirt.

Second Step: Applying Primer

It is ready for prime once you have prepared and cleaned the frame. This is a critical step since it gives a reliable base for painting and is handy in hindering additional corrosion. Go for a Rust-Oleum aluminum-specific primer. You can always purchase it in your local home improvement shop.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying it. You can use a roller or brush to ensure the coat is even. Once you are done, give it time to dry before proceeding to the third step.


Third Step: Painting the Aluminum Window frame

When the primer dries, your window frame is now ready for painting. Similar to applying primer, you can use  a brush or roller specifically manufactured for painting metallic surfaces. You can find a roller or brush in your local home improvement store.

Normally you will be advised to paint the frames with the same color used on your walls. Experts have it that two coats are sufficient just as long as you let the first coat dry completely before adding the second one.

Also, make sure to allow the paint to take as much time to dry as the manufacturer recommends.

Should you paint the frames with a brush?

The bottom line is that these frames are designed for durability, and require little to no maintenance. They are a lightweight. But the fun part just ends there. You are going to have difficulties painting it with a brush.

Understand this, you are dealing with a non-porous metal. Paint may somewhat fail to adhere superbly when using a brush. But a sprayer can get the job done perfectly.  On the other hand, if you still want to use a brush, you will have to paint over and over and fix any inconsistencies.

Tips for using a brush

Sand the window frame to establish a rough surface so the paint can adhere correctly.

Next, wipe the surface using a damp cloth, and if possible, clean it using soap and water to remove any grease or dirt.

All these tips tailor your paint job towards a superior finish even if you choose to use a brush.  With some preparation work and reliable materials, you can effortlessly turn your beat aluminum window frames into new ones. By following these tips and steps, you will get great results and save some funds by not hiring a professional!