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How to Connect Aluminum Extrusion

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Aluminum extrusions are used to make various structures and equipment. They are employed in different industries to provide sturdy, durable, corrosion-resistant tools. Technicians use different methods to connect aluminum extrusions depending on the kind of joint needed.



Connecting Aluminum Extrusions  

Aluminum extrusions can be joined using different methods. The connections can be permanent, non-permanent, and semi-permanent.


Welding and Brazing

Different methods are used to connect aluminum extrusions permanently. They include welding and brazing. Welding involves heat that melts base materials, connecting them. Welding can be done using a laser, electron beam, or electric arc.

On the other hand, brazing uses molten filler material heated at a high temperature. The melted filler is added to aluminum extrusions and connects them when it solidifies.



Interlocking connections do not need bonding or fasteners. Two extrusions are rotated into position to create the stipulated structure. In other scenarios, one extrusion slides over another. An interlocking joint is solid, and disassembling is easy by turning the extrusions in the opposite direction.

Additional components can be added to interlocking joints to ensure they do not come apart accidentally.


Snap-fit Connection

Snap-fit joints provide more permanent connections. Aluminum profiles being connected slide together into a locked position, which tends to be hard to disassemble. Making this connection is easy and can also be used to conceal screw heads, making a product’s exterior visually appealing. A snap-fit link can also be called a snap-lock joint.


Screw Ports and Nut Tracks

Aluminum extrusions can also be joined using screws and nut tracks. Screw ports can use machine and self-tapping screws to create a sturdy connection. The joint is also simple to disassemble, allowing changes and corrections. As for nut tracks, a channel is created for a bolt or nut to create a solid connection. Several fasteners can be used in one nut track.


Corner Cleat

Many aluminum structures have corners. A corner cleat allows experts to join two similar extrusions at an angle. The extrusion has a channel that holds a cleat made of aluminum or sheet steel. When you need to join extrusions end to end, end joints are required. Channels are made at the end of extrusions to allow seamless connections.


Other Ways to Connect Aluminum Extrusions

Other ways to connect aluminum extrusions include hinge and flat joints. A hinge connection keeps extrusions aligned while allowing limited rotation. With flat joints, extrusions are joined without any mating surfaces. Types of flat joints include tee, edge, and lap connections.


Why Choose Weiye to Connect Aluminum Extrusions

Experts help connect aluminum extrusions, creating sturdy, well-made products. Weiye deals with aluminum extrusions and can help you connect different aluminum extrusions expertly. Here is why you should consider Weiye for joining aluminum extrusions.

  • High-quality production: Weiye utilizes superior equipment and technology to make different products. Whatever youneed made, technicians with expertise will create it using different joints to give you a quality, solid product. Whether you need permanent, movable, or non-permanent connections, the manufacturer has you covered.
  • Years of experience: the company has been around since 1992 and offers high-grade products for various industries. The years of experience ensure you get well-done aluminum joints that meetyour needs. The manufacturer provides customized products to ensure everycustomer gets what they need. Send your product specifications and let experts do the job for you.
  • Qualified workforce: technicians with the require dexpertise and experience work on aluminum extrusions to create high-quality study joints. Up-to-date tools and technology require qualified employees to make sturdy, durable connections.
  • Quality customer support: Weiye offers responsive customer service to ensure clients get the help they need. Itis quick and professional for a smooth process. Whether you need to order products or clarification, reach out and get the assistance you need.

Aluminum extrusions are vital in many industries. They are used to make different structures, simple and complex. The extrusions can be joined permanently or non-permanently using different methods.

Welding and brazing create permanent joints. Interlocking joints are simple to disassemble, while snap-fit joints are locked into position and are hard to take apart. Screw ports and nut tracks are also used in connecting aluminum extrusions.

It is prudent to let experts connect extrusions for you if you lack the skills. Ensure you go for a company that offers high-quality products and uses modern technology and tools to connect extrusions.