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Differences between Hollow Metal and Aluminum Door Frames

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Your door is vital, just as any other part of your home. And as far as it goes, there are always many choices for the door material. But if you got your instincts are steel or aluminum, then you better square it out on the differences. So what is it going to be, hollow metal or aluminum difference? Well, to read about the differences between the two as we start with strength and composition.


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Hollow Metal VS Aluminum Door Frames Composition and Strength


So it follows that the hollow metal door frames are typically made from galvanized steel. That's to make them durable and strong. But they now have steel sections together through welding, creating a stronger structure. 

The interior normally has insulation to aid in thermal performance. As such, the composition makes it a good fit for high-traffic areas. And you may fancy them for heavy-duty uses or even volt doors. 

On the other hand, the aluminum door frame is a product of extrusion. They are lightweight thanks to their aluminum composition. Besides, aluminum door frames are resistant to rust! However, it's less strong than steel. Yet it comes with good structural integrity sufficient for typical uses.


Hollow Metal VS Aluminum Door Frames Aesthetic Appeal:


On aesthetics, there is a reason why hollow metal frames are used in industrial and commercial settings where durability may be needed alongside top security. So it's just the utilitarian appearance. But there may be clean lines and uncomplicated designs. Different coatings and customizations may be done to suit the building wherein they are installed. 

Now looking at the aluminum door frames, they are normally fancied for sleekness. It follows that the extrusion process gives out profile variety. These may range from narrow sightlines to modernistic designs.

Coatings, polishes, and anodizing or color choices may provide additional aesthetic flexibility. So they are best used in commercial and residential places where aesthetics may be of ascertaining productive impact! 


Thermal Performance: Hollow Metal VS Aluminum Door Frames


Hollow metal door frames come with insulation fitted in and thermal breaks, and as such, the thermal performance is improved. It is best for areas where there is harsh weather. 

Aluminum door frames are not that thermal efficient. It the highly conductive and transfers heat so easily you may have to get one with thermal breaks between the interior and outer space. 


Hollow Metal VS Aluminum Door Frames Upkeep 


Hollow metal frames are easy to maintain and, therefore, cost-effective. That's unlike aluminum door frames. The durability and strength are also over the bar. With just periodic cleaning and maintenance, they can last you a while!

Aluminum for frames is pricier. But what you get is the anti-rust frame. If you are up for regular cleaning, you can benefit from it, even if you live in humid conditions. 




There is a reasonable degree of customization achievable with hollow metal door frames. It's not just utilitarian looks. You can coat them to match specific schemes and patterns of your house. They still give room for hinges and locks, which means customization can be based on security. 

Aluminum extrusion products allow different degrees of customization. Throw their architectural details, narrow site lines, modernistic looks, and shapes. They can also be powder coated to get the right color scheme.