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    The aluminum alloy is the go-to for most industries because it is lightweight. It also has high corrosion resistance, which makes it perfect for use in most industries. Industrial aluminum profile is an application form of aluminum alloy. Here are some ways the industrial aluminum extrusions from Weiye Aluminium are used.


    Most people use aluminum profiles for construction. Since it is easy to bend and cut and it can fit in different dimensions, it is perfect when making building materials such as aluminum formwork. Another area where such profiles are used is in the new energy sector. Since it is a good thermal conductor, companies that make solar panels use aluminum frames and mounting brackets to seal and fix solar battery components. The auto industry has also used aluminum profiles in various automobile parts.


    From the examples above, it is clear that there are so many applications for industrial aluminum extrusions. They are versatile, making them the go-to for many companies.