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What is the Length of Aluminum Frame?

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Aluminum frames are widely used in the modern construction of commercial offices, standard residentials, or luxury apartments for their visual appeal and operation efficiency. These frames are attractive, low-maintenance, corrosion resistant, and have a chance against other common framing issues. Doors and windows in a building have their tops set at the same length. So, your window frame's length will be determined by the desired window sill installation height,  affecting the amount of natural light entering your space. Read on for more information on the length of aluminum frames.


What Is the Standard length of A Door Frame?


The term "door frame" refers to the framework that holds the door in place. There are two jambs on either side and a lintel across the top. Door frames typically measure 80 inches wide by 36 inches in length, whereas raw openings are a bit bigger at 82 inches wide by 38 inches. The average door height, the door's style, and the layout of your house can all affect the measurement requirements.


What Is the Standard Length of an Aluminum Window Frame?


While there isn't a universal window size, there are a few common options. A 24" wide by 36" high window is the standard dimension for both single and double-hung windows.  Depending on the type of frame and the installation room, the window frame length might vary greatly. 



Factors That Determine The Correct Length Of Aluminum Frames


Architectural Design - It's crucial to consider the house's overall aesthetic when choosing the correct length of the aluminum frame.  For a door or window design to work with a specific architectural style, it must meet particular standards. Your building’s design is best preserved when implemented within the constraints of a house's requirements, like precise measurements. Our professionals will be able to help you find the perfect aluminum frame to complement your home's interior and exterior. The style includes the color scheme of the door or window, which varies from person to person based on their liking and taste.

Measurement - Correct measurements of window and door openings in your building project are necessary to get the length of the aluminum frames right.; if you make a mistake in your measurements, your installation will be a nightmare. Even if everything might seem perfect, a critical observer will see flaws. Therefore, it is important to take precise measurements of all window and door openings to guarantee that the new units are a perfect fit.

Door or Window Placement - For successful aluminum frame installation, you must consider the positioning of the door or window on the wall. It is recommendable that your frames be installed by a professional with experience. Your wall size will guide you on where to put the aluminum frame during the installation. The accuracy of the frame installation will determine how long the doors or windows last and their operational efficiency. Correct frame measurements will also ensure your building's design has minimal flaws. 

Performance - Materials and hardware, like aluminum frames, are used to install windows and doors, each contributing to the overall efficiency. Specific designs, for instance, coastal impact windows, are required for homes within a particular radius of the coast and, therefore, have different frame installation requirements.


How Do I Ensure Aluminum Window or Door Frames Fit My Space?


When designing a building, window length is normally set at the standard entrance measurements of 6 feet by 8 inches. Given a typical ceiling height of 8 feet, this location leaves a space above window of 16 inches. You can fit even the largest moldings or window trimmings into this space, making it perfect for conventional headers and plates.

Although the strip of the wall doesn't usually block the view in 12-foot-deep rooms, it might be in deeper ones. Also, if you have 9- or 10-foot ceilings, leaving the window's top at 6 feet 8 inches is a bad idea. For a finished look that works with any ceiling height, you should put the top of the frame level with the cornice trim or use it as the window's head trim. Awning windows, sliding casements, pictures windows, and custom doors are just a few kinds of unique windows and doors that require careful measurement.


Take Away


You cannot go wrong when using aluminum frame systems in construction. In addition to being lightweight and resistant to corrosion, aluminum is a strong material. The sturdiness of your structure needs to use frames of the proper length.

How well aluminum framing systems fit your needs, and your budget will determine whether or not you should use them on your project. However, if you need help choosing, Weiye will guide you on all aluminum frames.