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Types of Casement Windows

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Casement windows are popular and can be installed on modern and traditional buildings. They are available in different sizes and styles, with manufacturers also offering customized designs. The windows consist of different materials and can be opened from the top, bottom, or side. Most casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward.


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Types of Casement Windows


Apart from allowing light and fresh air into the room, casement windows also give a seamless view of the surrounding. There are several types of casement windows depending on hinge position and the number of panels, offering versatile styles for properties.

Side hung: Many casement windows are hinged at the side. Side hung windows open outwards and are ideal for homes and properties not close to pathways.

Single frame: This type has one panel with a hinge at the side. It looks stunning in kitchens and living rooms, as well as commercial spaces. The window opens fully to let in light and air for occupants.  

Double casement: This is also called the French casement. It features two panels, which are side hung. Easily open the windows outward or inward and enjoy the airflow and light.

Top hung: Casement windows can also be hinged at the top so they open from the bottom. These add style and sophistication to a building. Some designs feature both side and top hung windows.

Bottom hung: These windows are hinged at the bottom, therefore open from the top. They are excellent for upper-floor apartments, ensuring safety around properties.

Fixed casement: This window type does not open and is common in bay windows.


Materials Used in Making Casement Windows


Casement windows can be made from aluminum, PVC, or timber. The material you choose depends on your building’s design. Does it have a modern or a traditional look?

Wood: Wood casement windows offer your property a lovely, rustic look. However, they are prone to weather damage, although wood can be treated to last longer.

PVC: You can also choose to install PVC casement windows. They are moisture and heat-resistant and less expensive than wooden and aluminum windows.

Aluminum: Aluminum casement windows are solid, durable, cost-friendly, and corrosion-resistant. They are available in different designs and finishes to suit various decors and can be customized to meet your requirements. Aluminum windows are also lightweight and lower energy loss.

Clad-wood: These windows have interiors made of wood and aluminum on the outside for protection. They are sturdy, durable, and look spectacular.  


Why Choose Casement Windows?


There are many types of windows to consider for your property. Casement windows are popular and have several advantages.

Different designs: casement windows come in various styles, including side, top, and bottom hung. They can open outward and inward as well. These windows look stunning on every property, and you can choose to have one, two, or more panels on your windows.

Material variety: these windows come in different materials to consider. You can choose what fits your preference and budget. Manufacturers offer wood, PVC, and aluminum casement windows that look great on buildings.

Easy to Install and Replace: the windows are simple to set up and replace. They can also be customized to fit your space and ensure a proper fix. Using them is easy with a crank or push. Casement windows are also great for hard-to-access areas on a building.

Offer proper ventilation: Air circulation is vital in any building, and a breeze of fresh air from outside your property feels fantastic. Casement windows open fully, allowing in more air to save energy. Double casement windows are even better.

Provide great views: if you have property in an area with lovely views of the city or nature, you will need casement windows. The panels can be bigger, allowing you to see more of your surroundings without obstructions.  

Weiye offers aluminum casement windows that can be customized to your liking. They are high-quality, durable, sturdy, and look stunning on buildings. The company utilizes high-grade materials to make top-notch windows for clients.

The market offers different casement windows to consider installing on your property. Side hung windows are a common design, but you can also get top and bottom hung casement windows to add sophistication to your space. 

These products are simple to utilize and come in different materials like vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Choose the style your building needs and enjoy the benefits of having casement windows.