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Key Factors that Affect Aluminum Extrusion

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For aluminum to be used, it needs to shape into the required shape or size. With this comes so many factors that affect how the aluminum will look. The extrusion is similar to how toothpaste is squeezed from a tube. With this process, different pieces are made that can be used in various applications. There are a couple of things that might go wrong or well based on various factors.

Here are the main factors that affect aluminum extrusion.

The temperature


One of the main things influencing how well aluminum extrusion will be done. For the aluminum to be extruded seamlessly, the metal must be first heated so it can become malleable. Without heating them, there is a huge chance that the aluminum will not be well extruded. Too much heat might make the aluminum too malleable, leading to the extruded aluminum losing shape. Getting the temperature right is the first step to ensuring that the extrusion process will go according to plan.

Quality of material


The final extruded material depends on the quality of the raw aluminum used. For the material to work well, aluminum must have a certain level of ductility. Since the material needs to be worked on, getting the best quality in the market is important.

That way, the final extruded metal maintains its shape. Quality materials also get extruded without breaking and can heat and cool down without a major issue. It is for this reason that companies ensure they outsource the very best material.

The pressure


For the extrusion to happen without an issue, there has to be a certain amount of pressure being exerted. The extruded aluminum might break or twist when the pressure is so high. Most companies have come up with a way of determining how much pressure needs to be exerted for the final piece to be made into a certain shape. It takes some trial and error to get right, but once the right pressure has been determined, production can go on as usual.

Extrusion speed 


The extrusion speed of the machine will determine the time taken to carry out the aluminum extrusion. Aside from how fast a piece is made, it also impacts the grain size, the surface finish, and the grain orientation. The temperature and speed of extrusion must be regular to ensure that the final piece is in impeccable condition.

The shape


One of the things you will realize when it comes to die extrusion is they come in different shapes. Based on the item you are making; you end up with different requirements for the final products.

No piece is made the same way, and one needs to be keen when selecting an extruder. The speed and pressure will change from piece to piece, so research needs to be done on which method is the most efficient and which will not work well.

Labor cost


When all is said and done, the final cost of the extrusion is the labor involved. While there are instances where the entire process is automated, most production lines need more people to monitor progress. Based on the kind of production line one is running, one needs to figure out how much one plan on spending on labor.

The intricacy of the patterns being worked on will also go a long way in ensuring that the entire line runs without running into an issue.

Production volume


The amount of extrusion happening in a way affects the quality of the final piece. Smaller batches make it easier to monitor the production rates than if you were handling a big batch. Most factories that have no automation machines have an issue when it comes to quality assurance. There have been spoilt batches that could have been fixed if more care had been taken. The production volume also affects how well the pressure and temperature are monitored. Any small changes make a difference in the final pieces, affecting the quality. As such, care needs to be taken to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Aluminum extrusion is a vital process for making different die pieces. As such, care needs to be taken when the entire process happens. There need to be several changes made to the pressure, temperature, and speed of production, so everything comes together seamlessly. Finding that balance will ensure you do not have an issue with the quality of the pieces. You can also point out a problem if a batch comes out with bad quality. Contact us to get wholesale high-quality aluminum extrusion products!