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Is Aluminum Window Trim Any Good?

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Aluminum window trim offers a durable, low-maintenance solution for your home's exterior. Also called aluminum window wrap, this trim works the same way armor does to shield window frames from the elements outdoors. This is installed when installing new windows or when substituting your old ones. 

The best equipment, along with the needed metal-crafting expertise, make this project more appropriate for professional installers. Aluminum trim comes in different colors; hence you will find a color that matches your home’s décor. 

Generally, a trim method hides the brick mold of the window by overlapping the aluminum casing fabricated on-site. The coil has to be cut to the right length and then molded into the right shape that matches your window's trim. Hand brakes and metal snips come in handy in adjusting the final shape. 

Next, a sill piece is fitted before the window is installed, which is done using finished nails. The next thing is the side pieces which shed water over the sill pieces. Lastly, the upper part is nailed in a position that intersects the sides for shedding water. 

When the aluminum window trim installation is completed, all aluminum fastener holes and joints are sealed using a top-quality sealant.  


 So, is aluminum trim any good?


Absolutely. Aluminum trim comes with numerous benefits, including:


Maintenance & Durability 


Aluminum window trims have an impressive lifespan while at the same time being resistant to the outside elements. You can leave aluminum in finished condition, and it will be almost maintenance-free thanks to its anti-rust and corrosion-resistant nature. 

Moreover, aluminum trim is less susceptible to rot, swell, warp, or crack. This guarantees an extended lifespan. Again, aluminum trim doesn't require periodic expenditure on polish or paint. You can wipe it using a clean or damp cloth. 


Thermal Conductivity


Aluminum trim coupled with aluminum windows is an excellent idea. These will meet or surpass energy efficiency standards by offering great sound and thermal insulation, hence effortlessly outperforming the more expensive options like PVC and wood. 

Further, aluminum trim and windows can swiftly attain a considerable boost in heat loss and gain via the trims and windows by close to 60%. Besides, they are eco-friendly, with one of the top recycling rates among metals. 




Aluminum window trim is substantially less costly than wooden window frames, hence helps offer an excellent economical substitute for both private and commercial use. What's more, these are effortless to manufacture, and the metal is rather affordable, making them the perfect alternative to window trims. 


How to Maintain Aluminum Window Trim


It would be best to clean the aluminum window trim regularly to keep it spotless. You can use soap and water to clean out the debris and dirt; then, you can use a soft fabric to remove any marks or scratches. You can apply a protective coating to shield it from damage, which will help it look fresh for years. 


Finishes & Styles for Aluminum Window Trim


You can find aluminum trim in different finishes and styles. The most common finishes include brushed, polished, matte, and satin. Besides, there are many sizes and shapes available. Thus, you can find one that matches the architecture and style of your house. 


Aluminum Window Trim Vs. Alternative: Which is More Affordable?


Generally, aluminum window trim is cheaper than its alternatives. Nonetheless, the specific price will depend on the trim's finish, style, and size. Typically, aluminum window trim is cheaper than composite or wood, making it an excellent option if you are on a budget. 


Aluminum Window Trim DIY Projects 


This material can be handy in various DIY projects. For instance, you can utilize it to design custom frames for photos, mirrors, and artwork. Additionally, you can use it to come up with decorative accents like molding around doors and windows. So, with some imagination and creativity, aluminum window trim can be handy in creating magnificent and distinctive designs. 


In Conclusion


As you can see, aluminum window trim is an excellent option for you searching to add a touch of sophistication to your property. In addition to that, it is sturdy, affordable, and easier to install than all its alternatives. 

Furthermore, it comes in different finishes and styles. Therefore, you are almost certain you'll find one that perfectly fits your property's exterior. With the proper maintenance and installation, this material can last for a long time and can serve you for years.