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How to paint aluminum window frames?

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Aluminum windows are excellent for insulation and may help you conserve energy and maintain heat. They could only sometimes go well with the style of your house. A fresh coat of paint may work wonders to give your windows a new look and create a unified exterior.

Painting aluminum window frames is more accessible and less expensive than replacing them. Thanks to the various colors offered, you can pick a paint that meets your demands.



Pick the proper color that matches your house. 


Your preference, property type, and unique requirements will influence your chosen color. Although aluminum windows look great in modern and contemporary homes, they might need to go better with a classic color scheme. Darker windows, including those in black or brown, look fantastic in Tudor-style homes, while white and grey windows provide a solid and fashionable appearance. 

White is a great neutral color, but if you want to make your property stand out, go for reds and blues instead if you're daring. To discover your ideal hue, go through our extensive collection of metallic paints.

Even so, you may have other color varieties in mind. In that case, it would help to contact the Weiye Metal group experts if you have a specific color in mind. They may mix a pot to match it.


Prepare the surface before painting.


To remove stains, thoroughly cleanse the window frame with soapy water and a dry towel. Sandpaper with a grit of around 80 and 120 should be used to remove rust or chipping paint. Apply baking soda or vinegar to stains and wipe them away with a towel. After eradicating any flaws, use a tiny brush to eliminate dust. 

Apply a light layer of lubricant to the whole aluminum window frame and then clean any difficult-to-reach areas with a toothbrush or tiny bristled brush. After thoroughly cleaning the site, wipe the window's exterior with a fresh towel to remove any leftover grime. After painting, remember to wipe the windows with a glass cleaner.

Tape the frames to shield your surroundings from splatters of paint and drips before priming or spraying. Tape the windows on each side wherever the glass touches the framework and exterior with masking or painting tape.

Then, give the frame a layer of metal primer, and let it cure (this might take up to eight hours). One must strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations since metallic surfaces need to be prepared for the coating to adhere correctly.


Now, proceed to paint the window frame.

To balance out the color, open the outside paint tin and mix with a spatula for approximately a minute. Please apply with a tiny paintbrush, wiping off any extra painting on the tin's edge before it touches the window frame. 

Smoothly move the paintbrush across and up the window frames to cover the surface with a beautiful, level layer of paint. Remember to give each layer ample time to dry before making a remote key and adding a coat, as necessary, to thoroughly cover the aluminum and prevent any metal from showing through. Fewer thin coats need less cure time, resulting in a firmer finish than one thick one.


Get rid of the tape


Undo the covering and any remaining paint from the glass panes when the paint has thoroughly dried. Any paint coating on the glass should be sliced with a scraper or sharp object and peeled away. A tiny, stiff-bristled paintbrush can also remove any leftover paint. To give the surface of the glass a clean appearance, be sure to clean it using glass cleaner.


Wrap up 


Weiye Aluminium is a good option if you're looking for a dependable source of aluminum profiles for window frames. Their online store offers various aluminum profiles appropriate for different window frame designs. You can even purchase them already painted in the color of your choice before shipping. 

You may avoid the headache of DIY painting and guarantee a long-lasting finish by doing this. Adding a professional-looking finish to your window frames is a low-cost approach to enhancing the aesthetic and insulation of your house. So why not give it a shot and add fashionable window frames to make your home stand out?