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How to Cut Aluminum Pipe?

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So, you need to cut an aluminum pipe but don’t know how to go about it. Cutting an aluminum pipe isn't as complicated as it sounds, whether for a specific purpose or general use. 

This write-up is a multi-step guide on properly cutting an aluminum pipe. Here we go!


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How to Cut Aluminum Pipe Using Electric Power Tools


Use an Electric Saw With a carbide-tipped Blade


Choose an electric saw with a fine blade, and do not make cuts on aluminum with a thickness of over 0.64 cm. Also, it would be best to have a saw blade that makes narrow kerfs. 


Reduce the Cutting Blade's Diameter for the Best Results 


The cutting speed is usually very high when cutting wood, which is different from what you need when cutting aluminum. For instance, if you have a 25cm saw, you should reduce the blade to 18.4cm since this will reduce the cutting speed. 

However, if you can’t adjust the blade size, consider buying tools with a changeable speed router and employ the slowest setting. These tools are generally pricier but deliver impressive flexibility, perfect for cutting aluminum pipe. 


Deploy a C-clamp to Hold the Pipe in Position.


Loosen the aluminum pipe like this by twisting the clamp counterclockwise. Put the clamp upright, with the jaws facing the workstation's surface and the jaw’s bottom under the tabletop. Put the pipe in the jaws and tighten the C-clamp around it by twisting it clockwise.

Regarding safety measures, take a push stick to hold and twist the pipe inside the saw. This lets you cut the pipe without coming close to the saw’s blade. Because aluminum doesn’t close when cutting it, establish narrow kerfs if possible. 


Use Cutting Lubricant 


Applying lubricant to the blades comes in handy in preventing slippage and sparks. You can also use saw wax or standard oil. The best option would be WD-40 when cutting aluminum pipes. Pour 4 to 6 drops on the top and bottom halves of the electric saw blades. 


Feed the Blade Through the Pipe, Or Pipe Through the Blade


Hold the electric caw firmly, apply pressure, and move the saw through the pipe using your dominant hand. Cut slower than you would lumber, and keep a steady hand for safety. Also, clear away to avoid kickbacks when cutting the pipe. Typically, this happens behind the saw blade. 

Another option is to utilize a bridge to hold the saw in position to lessen kickbacks. 

NB: When cutting, keep your fingers as far as possible from the blade. 


Adjust the Depth of the Blade To 0.64 cm.


Pull the blade guard back and hold it next to the aluminum pipe. Modify the adjustment knob and revolve the saw’s base until the blade is 0.64 cm below the pipe. Next, tighten the adjustment knob. 

Note: Make sure the power is off when adjusting the blade. 


Go For a Jigsaw if You Want to make Circular Cuts.


Clamp the aluminum pipe, and place the saw beside the aluminum where you intend to start cutting. Next, lower the jigsaw's blade about 0.99 cm past the pipe and guide the blade through the metal. 

Push the jigsaw gradually across the workpiece by twisting the saw’s back into the direction inverse from the direction you intend the blade to move. 

  • Alwaysgo for carbide-tipped saw blades when cutting aluminum. 
  • Theblade has to be lubricated before cutting the materials. 


Additional Tips 


When cutting an aluminum pipe, there are several things you have to remember, including:

  • Gofor a saw designed to cut metal.
  • Ensurethe blade is sharp enough and is correctly attached to the saw.
  • Clampdown the pipe before you begin cutting to add stability. 
  • Lubricatethe blade to help it operate more smoothly and make better cuts. 
  • Usesandpaper or a file to smoothen rough patches before cutting. 
  • Cutgradually and accurately to avoid uneven results and ruining thepiece. 


In Conclusion


As you can see, cutting an aluminum pipe is not difficult. 

  1. Usean Electric Saw With a carbide-tipped Blade
  2. Reducethe Cutting Blade's Diameter for the Best Results 
  3. Deploya C-clamp to Hold the Pipe in Position.
  4. UseCutting Lubricant 
  5. Feedthe Blade Through the Pipe, Or Pipe Through the Blade
  6. Adjustthe Depth of the Blade To 0.64 cm
  7. GoFor a Jigsaw if You Want to make Circular Cuts

With these easy steps, you'll be able to cut aluminum pipes within no time