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How Strong is Aluminum Pipe?

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When you think of strong metals, whether for building or general talk, there are high chances your first guess won't be aluminum. Most of us link aluminum to beverage cans, foil, and foldable furniture. Prevalently these products aren’t the best way to exhibit strength. 

However, aluminum is also handy in making different construction materials like door and window frames. For this reason, don’t underestimate the strength of this metal. 



How Strong is Aluminum Pipe?


Aluminum pipes harbor the same characteristics as aluminum. First, they are well-known for being lightweight and offer excellent flexibility; hence can be used for numerous applications. What’s more, it is entirely recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable metals available. 

Further, when it comes to thermal conductivity, hygiene, electrical conductivity, and UV radiation resistance, aluminum can offer plenty. This metal is also infamous for its superior corrosion resistance properties. 

Nonetheless, when you think of aluminum, most people don’t consider strength. This is a huge slip up. Even though aluminum isn’t the most robust metal, there aren't many competitors when you weigh its strength-to-weight ratio. 

Due to the numerous and handy advances in metal alloys, the natural strength of aluminum can be boosted and engineered for specific uses. Besides, aluminum is not a vital component of some of the most durable products, including aluminum pipes, aerospace vehicles, and durable automobiles. 


What Makes it Strong 


Most people don’t know much about the strength of aluminum. Regarding mass, aluminum is one of the most abundant elements, specifically third after silicone and oxygen. Nevertheless, you will seldom find it in its original form due to its reactive chemical composition. 

Alternatively, it blends with other elements to develop aluminum minerals, with bauxite and alum being the most common ones. 

Pure aluminum is somewhat soft though its capacity to be blended with other metals like copper, zinc, silicon, and magnesium to form different alloys makes it extremely strong. Plus, some aluminum alloys can compete with steel in strength and durability. Fortunately, it's significantly lighter than steel, making it among the metals with the most reliable strength-to-weight ratio available. 

Moreover, aluminum is still formidable, which is why it is preferred for various applications. You can easily find it in anything from aluminum foil and beverage cans to huge buildings and advanced aerospace vehicles. It all comes down to the elements you combine it with. 


Strongest Aluminum Alloys 


Typically, aluminum alloys are grouped into different classifications depending on the materials they comprise. For instance, the 5xxx alloys have magnesium, while the 3xxx series contains manganese. 

Even though each group usually displays the same characteristics, they are normally very different and aren’t ideal for the same applications. 

Some of the strongest aluminum alloys comprise 2024. It is well-known for its great blend of fatigue resistance and strength. Regarding corrosion resistance, it's not as impressive; hence manufacturers include an anodized finish.

Next is the 6061, a highly versatile alloy with great strength, which is why it is so popular. Also, it has universal performance benefits like decent workability and corrosion resistance. Plus, it is also easily weldable. 

The 6063, on the other hand, is strong and is well-recognized as an architectural alloy. The 7075 alloy is used in the aerospace industry and is typically called aircraft aluminum. It comprises zinc and displays excellent mechanical properties besides its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Also, it has unmatched flexibility, corrosion resistance, toughness, and fatigue resistance. 

Something else you'll appreciate about aluminum alloys is that they exhibit better strength than pure aluminum. For instance, cold rolling and hot rolling are two ways you can strengthen these alloys. 

Another method includes heat-treating, then rapid cooling, which freezes the elements. When it comes to cold working, the motion of atoms on a molecular level is limited, which is yet another technique for strengthening aluminum alloys. 


In Conclusion


Whether your focus is durability, strength, or weight, or all of them, aluminum pipes have everything you need. At Weiye Aluminium, we have the resources and skills to ensure you get the most suitable material for your project. 

Our objective is to be more than a manufacturer; we want to be your partner and help you out every step of the way. Before deciding what to buy, contact us and ensure you're purchasing the most suitable product for your project.