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Advantages of Using Aluminum Profiles in the Lighting Industry

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When you enter a large workplace or store, there is a good chance that you will encounter specimens of lighting that include aluminum extrusions in the design of their fixtures. Extrusions are utilized for more than just conventional linear room illumination; they appear in lit signs, shelves, and cabinets.

We have been serving the lighting sector by offering both standard and custom aluminum profiles and stockholding both types for a long time. Engineers have long recognized the benefits of employing lightweight aluminum paired with the nearly infinite design opportunities the extrusion process offers to bring their concepts to life.

Since the introduction of LED technology, heat dissipation has been an increasingly vital consideration in product design. Aluminum profiles are ideal for light housings because of their thermal qualities and flexibility to incorporate heat sinking fin elements during manufacturing.

Uses of Aluminum profiles in the Lighting Industry


LED strips, recessed cans, lighted display cases, under-cabinet lighting, track lighting, and emergency lighting are all made with aluminum extrusions.

Advantages of Aluminum Profiles for the Lighting Market


Which metal is better: copper, steel, aluminum, or brass?

Any of them are suitable for use in the manufacturing of light fixtures, components, and materials. However, we at Weiye Aluminum feel that the optimal metal is context-specific and is determined by the product and its intended usage.

Hence, we are pleased to inform you that we construct all our lighting products with heat sinks made of die-cast aluminum, die-cast fittings, and aluminum reflectors. Aluminum offers several distinct advantages over competing lighting materials, including the following:



Aluminum has a density of 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. So, it's safe to say that this metal is exceptionally light. In addition to reducing the price of our lighting products, this also makes them more convenient to ship and set up.



As with copper, aluminum can be easily shaped. As a result, aluminum-based goods can be created much closer to the conclusion of the design phase, which streamlines the production of significant volumes. This is undeniably an extra benefit, especially considering how much production costs have increased.


Able to Withstand Corrosion


When aluminum is out in the open air, it forms a naturally occurring oxide coating that acts as a barrier against corrosion. Because of this, it is resistant to pollutants like chlorides and sulfur while also maintaining its insulating properties electrically.

It is, therefore, an excellent choice for lighting in coastal locations. If you are interested in Weiye's outdoor lighting, you should know that all our products have a die-cast aluminum body to prevent them from corrosion and tea staining.

Climate Control


It has been argued that controlling an LED light's temperature is one of the most crucial aspects of increasing its lifespan. 

What does it mean, then? The LED components, which are fragile if subjected to high temperatures for an extended period, are the target of this technology, which aims to avoid and reduce heat accumulation in those chips. The heat sink of the lamp plays a significant role in overall heat management. 

When it comes to cooling devices, aluminum is unrivaled as a thermal conductor, making it ideal for use in heat sinks. In addition, the depth of our aluminum dishes, as opposed to their competitors, provides a greater amount of surface area and total material for removing heat. By doing this, we can increase the number of hours our LEDs will last.



Aluminum may be used to reflect both visible light and heat. Its reflectivity is at about 80%. That, plus the fact that it weighs so little, makes it an ideal reflector for lamp fixtures.



Lastly, like our lighting products, aluminum is entirely recyclable. It is our hope that this has helped you understand why practically all of our lighting products are made out of aluminum. All efforts are focused on making things as affordable and convenient as possible for you.

We encourage you to contact us immediately if you are interested in any of our items.